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The FCN Platform portal delivers unprecedented capital raising discoverability for top performing, and often undiscovered, fund managers and allocators in a central location.  

Funds can leverage the FCN Platform in 3 distinct ways:

FCN Client

FCN Client is a focused investor relations platform for your existing investors that streamlines communication, fund updates, and data sharing all on one secure platform that only your active investors can see. We can customize the portal to fit your needs, below is a list of features:

  • Investor CRM – FCN onboards all of your investors for you
  • Fund Profile – including fund performance, fund presentations, decks, and team bios
  • Secure Investor Communications – the ability to directly chat and set up virtual meetings with your Investors on the closed-circuit FCN platform
  • Fund Newsfeed – Ability to post video, audio, and text to a newsfeed viewable to all of your investors
  • Fund Document Cloud/Data Room to securely store all fund docs including presentations, decks and DD docs as well as E-sign documents
  • Access to discounted FCN Media Services at 1/5 the cost of a traditional agency
  • Access to FCN Events, a specialized niche event service
  • Option to add MSCI Risk Metrics

FCN Connect

FCN Connect is a dual focus investor relations and marketing platform that saves funds time and money by consolidating all investor relations activities and fund marketing into one secure platform!

  • Includes all features in FCN Client
  • 5 Allocator Introductions per month per fund
  • 1 Webinar per month per fund
  • Spotlights your fund(s) to all Active Allocators up to 5 times per month
  • Full Fund Feature in our Newsletter once per month


FCN Market takes FCN Connect one step further with a dedicated FCN Allocation Sales Team working on behalf of your fund to drive AUM growth.

  • Includes all features in FCN Client and FCN Connect
  • 10 Allocator Introductions per month per fund
  • 2 Webinars per month per fund
  • Spotlights your fund(s) to all Active Allocators up to 10 times per month
  • Full Fund Feature in our Newsletter once per week
  • A dedicated FCN Allocation Sales Team to raise assets

The Solution: FCN MARKET

  • The most comprehensive and innovative pre and post allocation capital raising platform which delivers Discovery, Efficiency and Transparency to the Capital Raising Process
  • Manager oversight, risk analytics/ portfolio transparency and performance to provide a comprehensive view of a manager pre and post asset allocation
  • The FCN Platform is transforming the industry by establishing a common language between managers and investors through a consistent and uniform evaluation of investment strategies while giving managers a cost effective and global distribution network to all allocators.
  • The platform strengthens and speeds up the decision-making process by leveraging MSCI’s unique asset set (data and analytics) to provide allocators a place to screen and understand where the Fund fits in their portfolio

Discovery: Capital Raising

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Current allocation process often lacks the ability to validate a manager’s risk, return and portfolio fit utilizing holdings based analytics in one place

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Allocators on the platform are Global in reach and span all major asset classes


  • Portal will shorten the fundraising cycle by 50-75%. Old Model Successful Allocation 9-14+ Months. The FCN Platform 3-5 months.
  • Transparency and information leads to faster allocations.
  • Broader reach of investors, consolidating the investment cycle, and allowing for ease of post allocation monitoring
  • Time and Cost to disseminate and collect information

Qualitative | Professional Marketing

  • Professional, customized manager oversight video introducing investors to your fund and strategy
  • Due Diligence process streamlined, enhanced, and made more efficient
  • Expert team marketing your fund via the platform
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THE FCN PLATFORM: The Optimal Capital Raising Eco-System

  • Aligning investor's and manager's needs and objectives for Optimal Capital Raising and Transparency.
  • Only platform to marry risk and performance on an ongoing basis (pre and post allocation) backed by MSCI’s industry standard analytics in risk transparency.
  • Access to top manager allocators who can monitor investments both pre and post allocation from a qualitative and quantitative viewpoint
  • Backed by an Expert team representing and pushing for investor allocations that bridge the knowledge gap of risk transparency and complex strategies.
  • A Sophisticated and targeted marketing strategy giving a complete view of a fund's value proposition through a targeted media message.

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