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FCN is transforming the alternative capital allocating process by connecting institutional investors with quality hedge funds by delivering risk transparency powered by MSCI combined with branded media content.

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A Global Platform That Delivers Optimal Discovery, Transparency, Efficiency and Third-Party Risk Verification to Hedge Funds and Their Investors


One global platform using quantitative measures to evaluate manager performance both pre and post allocation at no cost to allocators.

  • We provide a platform that uses quantitative and qualitative measures to assess a manager's risk and performance powered by MSCI.
  • Discover high quality hedge fund managers and understand their key drivers of performance.
  • Communication is driven by the allocators - no more rounds of hedge fund emails asking to take a meeting.

Hedge Funds

The HedgeFund Connect portal delivers unprecedented capital raising discoverability for high quality, and often undiscovered, hedge fund managers and allocators in a central location

  • Access to Allocators globally, across all investor types, and the potential for new allocations.
  • Proprietary portfolio risk reports powered by MSCI - understand key factor risks such as crowdedness, value/growth, momentum etc.
  • Automated Due diligence saves hedge fund managers valuable time in the capital raising process.


Building the bridge to Informed Investment Decisions

Asset Allocator

Risk, Performance and manager analysis. Discover High Quality hedge fund managers.


Building the bridge
for informed

Hedge Fund

Access to institutional investors
globally. Risk reports powered by
MSCI to help manage portfolio risk.

One Platform to Discover Top Hedge Fund Managers

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