Financial Capital Network is the financial technology company transforming the alternative capital allocating ecosystem. Our platform delivers Efficiency, Discovery and Transparency, powered by MSCI


Industry Challenges

  • Managers are difficult to find and screening is inefficient
    Current allocation process often lacks the ability to validate a manager’s risk, return and portfolio fit utilizing holdings based analytics all in one place
  • It’s a laborious monitoring (e.g. monitoring the manager, monitoring the risk, monitoring the portfolio, etc.) process for allocators and achieving the perfect allocation of existing and new managers is sub-optimal
    Allocators are often resource constrained
  • Investment Consultants can take a one size fits all approach
    As a result, emerging and smaller managers are often overlooked
  • Today’s manager analysis is reliant on a point in time, done on an ad hoc basis
    On-going risk management is not widespread
  • Managed Accounts have underperformed LPs because managed account platforms are not putting in their best ideas despite being “daily*" and fully transparent
    Allocators are moving away from managed accounts and showing a renewed preference for an LP structure (limited v unlimited loss) but are torn; who wants real-time transparent monitoring of an underperforming portfolio?


The platform leverages MSCI’s unique asset set (data and analytics) to provide allocators a place to screen and understand where the Hedge Fund fits in their portfolio. As a result we create a unique channel of capital allocation for Hedge Funds.

Hedge Funds
Inexpensive compared to 3rd party or in - house
Efficient compared to conferences
Unique channel for capital allocation
Strengthens decision - making process
Evaluating existing & new managers is qualitative AND quantitative
Independent & No Cost
Better for Both
Transparency without disclosing holdings
More efficient connection process
Standards allows for better attribution of alpha/beta

The new, innovative intermediary in the marketplace


Asset Allocator

Risk, Performance and manager analysis. Discover High Quality hedge fund managers.


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Hedge Fund

Access to institutional investors
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