What is FCN Media?

FCN Media is a FinTech focused agency delivering full-service Marketing, Content Creation, and Global Media exposure to Allocators and Alternative Investment Managers.

One Circle Media, the award-winning creative agency serving Fortune 500 brands for over 2 decades, is now FCN Media. FCN Media is your creative partner delivering creative services at half the cost of a traditional agency and backed by the financial expertise of the FCN team.​

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FCN Media | The About

FCN Media creates content that builds networks and audiences across multiple platforms.

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We are a team of creative collaborators partnering with clients to drive their business outcomes with best-in-class creative. ​

Everything we design, develop, and produce starts with a good story. We focus on designing engaging experiences, producing creative solutions, and cultivating healthy client relationships. ​

FCN Media | The Services​

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It’s not just about creating content. An important part of the puzzle is figuring out your message and how to get it in the hands of your audience. Through copy, marketing and social media we’ll make sure that your content not only reaches your audience but speaks to them.​

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We have one goal – to create content that works. Our team of writers, designers, producers, directors, and creators are all working to produce quality content for virtually every channel at the rapid speed of culture.​

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At our core, we are storytellers. Our development process speaks to this ethos. From script development to app development, it comes down to telling a compelling story.​

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We are sticklers for clean, beautiful design. Websites, apps, videos, logos – we revel in the opportunity to define aesthetic and point of view. This strong design principle permeates our culture.

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From branded videos, documentaries, TV shows, web videos, to podcasts, we work within a wide range of budgets from large scale productions to one-man band shoots. We also have full Post Production capabilities, as well as teams devoted to Motion Graphics and Animation.

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We pride ourselves on understanding the full breadth and depth of media channels that drive business outcomes for brands. Intense curiosity and an ongoing ‘test and learn’ approach drive our social strategy.​

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We have a ‘mobile first’ approach to our creative process. From native mobile applications to responsive sites, we ensure that anyone can see your content anywhere and anytime.​

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Public Relations

FCN’s PR team will craft your unique value proposition into a compelling narrative that resonates with the global financial community with media reaching from print to web to mobile to broadcast​

FCN Media | Your Creative Partner​

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A Creative Partner enhancing Your Story. Your Brand.

  • The FCN Media team backed by FCN enhancing marketing, content, and global media exposure.
  • Transforming your brand’s media presence into the Ray Dalio/Bridgewaters and Point 72’s of the world.
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A Creative Agency Creating Content at Scale​

  • Creative Services generating content at scale for half the price of a traditional agency backed by the FCN team
  • Leveraging award winning creative global resources
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FCN PR + OTT FCN Media + FCN Events​

  • FCN Public Relations featuring your brand to the global financial community from print to web to mobile to broadcast
  • FCN OTT Network, a niche content network that informs and entertains…series, think tanks, insights, live events, podcasts
  • FCN Events tie in…Global Live events that will feed OTT content and feature your brand and thought leaders